The Bono-East Regional Statistical Service in collaboration with Nkoranza South Municipal Assembly has officially inaugurated Eight-member committee, it was held on 18th February, 2020 at Nkoranza South Assembly auditorium in the Bono-East Region.

Hon. Diana Attaa Kusiwaa (Municipal Chief Executive of Nkoranza South Assembly), Mr. Richard Kumashie (Regional Statistician Bono-East), Chief Supt. A.Y.Abrokwah(Municipal Police Commander Nkoranza South), Nana Agyapong III (Representative of Nkoranza Traditional Council) and all departmental head of the Nkoranza South Assembly

Hon.Diana Attaa Kusiwaa on her opening remarks, she warmly welcomed all stakeholders and also underscore the importance of this meeting.” in context of national development planning, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Agenda 2063 for sustainable development and with the need for the data producers to work with all partners from the data ecosystem, there is even more of the need to stimulate this dialogue”.

She further stated that, the inauguration of M.C.I.C will provide the opportunity for the Municipal Assembly to plan and successfully implement the 2020 PHC.” I assure all stakeholders (Nananom, Opinion Leaders and people of Nkoranza) that the Assembly has resolved to work with M.C.I.C during field enumeration period.

Hon. Diana Attaa Kusiwaa ended by tasking the Committee to diligently execute the 2020 PHC with much commitment.” Therefore, the success of the census will be attributed to your commitment on this duty for this very important assignment and also urge every individual in the municipality to own this census Thank you”.

Hon. Diana Attaa Kusiwaa Addressing Congregation


  1. Mr. Emmanuel Amoah (Municipal coordinating Director, chairman for the M.C.I.C).
  2. Mr. Yaw Adomako ((Municipal Director of Education)
  3. Dr. Darien (Municipal Director of Health)
  4. Mr. Danny Oduro Asante (Municipal Information Officer)
  5. Mr. Patrick Kumah Adjei (Municipal Director N.C.C.E)
  6. Mr. Joseph Kyei (Municipal Statistician)
  7. Nana Agyapong II (Traditional Council)
  8. Mr. Paul Adomako (Census Officer).

Hon. Diana Attaa Kusiwaa as the representative of the president of led the members of the M.C.I.C to take Oath of allegiance and Secrecy.

Aftermath, Mr. Richard Kumashie, the Bono East Regional Statistician presented a PowerPoint blueprint for this year’s Census. The committee will be expected to follow a due processes projected for the 2020 Population and Housing Census, Mr. Kumashie spoke about the administrative framework and its guidelines, he placed much emphasis on media participation.” this population and housing census publicity must get down to every person in the municipality and please deploy all means of communication channels to create public awareness”. Mr. Kumashie further stated that, this year no person should be left out and the M.C.I.C should have a credible and actual figure to reflect Ghana’s 2020 Population and Housing Census.

A section of congregation

Mr. Emmanuel Amoah, on behalf of the committee members expressed their profound gratitude to Municipal and Statistical Service the role assigned to them on such an important exercise. “We shall deliver as the constitution of Ghana demands and will not be relenting on this work, but I call on all stakeholders in the municipality to support us to deliver on our core mandate thank you”.

The program was successfully ended with a word of prayer by the Municipal Statistician.  

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