The Nkoranza South Municipal Assembly held its Second Ordinary general assembly meeting on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October 2023, at the municipal assembly conference hall. The meeting started at 10:25 am with a prayer by Hon. Baffoe Adjei. The Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Daniel Appiah, welcomed all Hon. Members, guests staffs and the media to the House and thanked God for their lives. There was an election held for the position of Presiding member since the time for the current Presiding member was due therefore an election was needed to elect new Presiding Member.

Hon Daniel Appiah was duly elected once again as declared by the Electoral Commissioner. The Hon PM thank the Hon. Members for Upholding him once again. He assured the Hon. Members to serve delinquently. He also requested Hon. Members to support and adhere to help him serve better. The magistrate came and sworn the Presiding Member in as the current PM as the Law establish at exactly 12:30.

After the election and sworn in of the Presiding Member. The meeting was closed for the first day because most of the staff were not available.

On the second day, matters arising from the previous minutes and actions taken was read out to the general house to know the various actions taken. This includes Faulty Street lights, Nkoranza Town Roads, Dotobaa Health Facility, Environmental Health, New Market Sheds at the Old Market, Pothole Patching, Deployment of police, Renovation of Akuma and Donkro – Nkwanta School Building, God is Love Trucks and many other matters.

After the general house have addressed the various matters from the previous minutes, The Executive Committee’s Report was presented by Mr. Charles Ferkah, the Municipal Coordinating Director. The Municipal Coordinating Director. thanked Members for their time in sitting through the meeting. The Executive Committee recommended that (4) Communities within Nkoranza township namely, Old Jusec, Nkoranza Old Market, Nkoranza New Market and Methodist with refuse collection point should pay for the collection of refuse to ensure that it is frequently lifted to ensure sanitation.

After further discussion, the House unanimously rejected for the payment of the refuse. 

The 2024 Annual Action plan, 2024 Fee-Fixing resolution and the Composite Budget was presented to the general house. After further discussion on the documents, the house approved the documents.

The Hon. Presiding Member (PM) in his closing remarks thanked Members for their dedication and time for sitting through the meeting. He also tasked Management to implement the decisions taken. The meeting was adjourned after a closing prayer by Hon. Kabore Fatao at exactly 5:04pm.

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